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This is a resource channel for the independents of today's marketing community to build a network of partnerships, exchange knowledge, and collaborate together on all things running a business.

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Who is in the community

This is a slack group for independent consultants. Parties of one or just a few.  This is important. Entrepreneurs in this space have a lot of similar needs and the community offers a trusted space of sharing and collaboration.

We've carefully vetted members to ensure this is a best-in-class community of rockstar consultants who have demonstrated success and maturity in their specialty.  You'll find people who have run brands, agencies, technology practices and a host of other leadership positions.  

Small and selected helps us create a meaningful community. Sorry to our other friends, but we can not include larger agencies or marketing clients as a part of the community.We may choose to open up a few channels to that group in near term should there be increased demand. 

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What kinds of conversation happen here?

We talk about all sorts of things consulting, but the focus is around using the community as a tool for the following: 

  • Sharing insights, data, and research (lots of strategists in here!)
  • Finding the right collaboration partners via the Rolodex 
  • Advice on biz operations and business affairs 
  • Finding partners and plans at conferences and events 

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A few guidelines 

We take this community and the conversations that happen within it seriously. 

  • The focus of this is not about referrals, finding client contacts, or blatant self promotion. Please keep in mind the intention is for this to be a tool to support you being your best and doing your best work.
  • You are not NDA'ed but act like you are. People may run through some ideas and work and the highest level of professionalism is expected. 
  • Assume the best from everyone in the community. 
  • Share. Best practices, tips, tools, learnings. Sharing insights with the community is what will make it awesome! 

You can request to have others invited into the community by messaging the administrators. 

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