Using the think tank approach for modern challenges

In a traditional approach, brands pay their advertising agencies to come up with ideas. They pay a large consultancy to come up the response to a business or “what if”challenge. But in today’s fragmented environments, no one place has all the right inputs and talent under one roof.

It leaves us thinking, how do we get to the best work with the best possible people?

We believe this is the role of the brand. Clearly articulating a brief, casting participants, and orchestrating partner collaboration. A way of working that sets an expectation for the type of integrated thinking they in turn will want to activate. We’ve been doing this for five years alongside our clients and - it works.

One of the most valuable differentiators of Sunday Dinner is our active briefing methodology. 

During the process, we identify key moments to bring big thinkers-- seasoned veterans and innovative specialists-- from disparate backgrounds together around your key brand challenge.  We use them at critical moments as we craft strategy side by side with your team.

Appropriately cast, we find a kind of alchemy occurs when multidisciplinary minds bring inputs and offer continual feedback on a challenge for an intense and concentrated period of time. 

Our role is often to lead one to two sessions , be it about a larger enterprise marketing strategy or a campaign need, then our clients learn what works for them, and off they go leading these internally on their own.

And yes, there is often a dinner :)