Friendly's is in the process of turning its business around.  We understand most of the operational elements are complete, and the company is now entering another phase.  Having re-defined the brand and developed the underlying strategy, you're preparing to connect the updated Friendly's brand to your customers and targets in a deeply meaningful and relevant way.  

To be heard above the noise, you'll need the absolute strongest execution of your message.  Strongest in terms of how the message is crafted, delivered and how it engages your audience.  We believe this strength of creative thinking is the found among specialist creative talent, and Sunday Dinner helps tap the magic of this talent.  

"You are choosing a creative partner, and when it comes to creativity, relationships matter.  They matter a lot; so much that you won't get great work without a great relationship, no matter how talented the agency or how rigorous the selection process."   

-- Deb Giampoli, Mondelez International                           


What is Sunday Dinner?

It’s simple.  We help brands get to the best creative thinking and ideas, and we simplify the approach to working with top creative talent.  

We sit alongside brand leaders to understand their aspirations, big-picture needs and pain points.  That's important - as we believe this is a partnership that helps grow the strengths of your team as we work together.

We then frame and articulate your brief in a way that inspires creative thinking, and cast the optimal mix of talent, bringing them together around the challenge to deliver the best work. 


A nurtured network of thinkers & makers 

The marketplace for creative talent has become highly fragmented.  The proliferation of technology and specialist creative techniques has fueled an age of entrepreneurialism where many of the best talent operate independently to create the extraordinary work of today.  But let's face it, keeping track of the best talent and work is next to impossible.  Knowing how and when to use which resource is a challenge, and it's where Sunday Dinner can help.    



We are the single best place to discover independent boutique agencies and talented partners. We’ve amassed a complementary network of the most creative, awarded, innovative and mature talent in the industry. Because, we believe, with so many choices today, you should only work with the best. 

Our experience and vast network of talent means we've touched most big brands and certainly all major industries, allowing us to curate teams who not only know how to develop ideas, but have likely worked in your category.  An important part of our process is getting to know our clients better to understand the best team to cast for their needs.  Selecting a partner today is just as much about chemistry as capabilities. 


Selected work from our network 

Having not seen the new Friendly's brand strategy, nor creative briefs evolving from it, we cannot presume to know your detailed brand objectives.  

We have pulled a few sample creative examples that we believe could resonate based on their ability to engage families/kids, drive store traffic, tell stories, re-imagine iconic brands and deliver compelling visual content.

(Click each title to be taken to further examples of the work.)

Honey Maid - Made Co.

Connecting kids, moms and a storied brand with an 87-year history

Network Talent : Derrick Grigg, Graham Douglas , SuperFriendly 

Honey Maid developed Made Co. to engage kids, cultivate their imagination, inspire creativity, and encourage them to make things.  Made Co. is a unique contest series through which kids ages 6–12 have the chance to have their ideas brought to life with the help of industry experts.  Partnerships with fashion designers, product makers and media channels lend the platform scale and reach. 

"Made Co. grew out of an observation that kids today seem to spend more time consuming content than making it, and the hope with Made Co. is to help shift this balance," reads the site. "Honey Maid is currently looking for like-minded organizations who believe in the importance of helping kids realize the pride and satisfaction that comes from making things."

Likely relevance for Friendly's:  kids/families, historical brand, engaging content

Pizza Hut - Interactive Touch Table

A simple-to-create, on-premise interactive display with the potential to drive traffic

Network Talent: Chaotic Moon

With a view to increasing customer participation on-premise, Pizza Hut and Chaotic Moon conceived an interactive display that would allow diners to craft a digital version of their pizza and order it-- all from the restaurant table.  Additional games keep kids entertained while the order is being prepared. 

Likely relevance for Friendly's:  Traffic driving potential, kids/families, buzz value, compelling content

American Express - Localized Marketing Platform 

User-friendly loyalty platform applicable across a wide range of categories

Network Talent: Siberia

American Express partnered with Siberia to develop a simple, user-friendly loyalty platform that can be rolled out to local merchants. The focus is to provide localized marketing with geo-fencing to phones within a certain radius of the store.  This was built in a fast and agile process with a prototype developed in less than 4 weeks. 

Likely relevance for Friendly's:  local control of content/offers by individual franchisees and store-owners, traffic/revenue-driving potential, drives engagement and loyalty

Denny's - Website Refresh

Bacon, eggs and HTML

Network Talent : Derrick Grigg, Welikesmall 


When Denny's wanted to recast itself as a diner in the broadest sense, it embraced the “America’s Diner is Always Open” platform.   These teams considered how the concept would come to life digitally, and created a user-friendly site that required less digging for information-- particularly health related content-- refreshing the rather tired Denny's site along the way.  

Likely relevance for Friendly's:  dining category, family appeal

Evolution Fresh 

Authenticity, credibility and freshness - digitally integrated

Network Talent : Welikesmall 

Evolution Fresh was facing a perception issue.  Since they had been acquired by Starbucks, many thought their juice simply was too mass market and not "as healthy" as other cold-pressed options.  Evolution looked to find new ways to tell their story of authenticity, credibility and freshness.  Welikesmall was engaged to come up with a storytelling and creative platform to help showcase Evolution as more than a product - as a lifestyle brand. 

Likely relevance for Friendly's:  storytelling, visually arresting content, digital-first approach to brand evolution, integration across website, social and video 

Google ReBrief : Advertising Reimagined 

Digital activation of one of the world's best-loved campaigns

Network Talent:  Fakelove

Google's ReBrief project is an experiment to reimagine some of the most iconic traditional advertising campaigns for the digital age, and to underscore digital's ability to connect, engage and entertain, rather than simply to communicate.  Fakelove was asked with other agencies to help actualize the re-envisioning of the 1971 Coca-Cola "Hilltop" campaign, aka “I’d like to buy the world a Coke”.

Working with the ReBrief team, Fakelove enabled a contemporary recreation of the this classic ad in which consumers in selected cities around the planet could, through a vending machine interface, literally buy the world a Coke.  The effort received numerous awards and buzz and remains a creative benchmark for integrated campaign execution. 

Please watch the case study.

Likely relevance for Friendly's:  Big bold idea, ingenuity and connection between brand and consumer, reimagination of an iconic brand emotion. 


A software program we have our eye on

What is evrything?

A technology that supports making everyday products digital, smart, trackable and connected to the web - without changing the manufacturing process.  Existing physical products are affixed with digital content or offers and enable a brand to find out more about the profiles of consumers using the products. 

Think about the physical products and artifacts that are a part of your brand -  i.e. menus + ice cream packaging.  

It's a game-changer and we're pleased to let you know a bit more about it. 

For example, Coca-Cola is using Evrythng's tech platform to create what they call a 'digital smart media' platform to customize and localize all of their loyalty and personalized marketing throughout Europe. They simply use the existing barcodes on packaging. 

How it works:

Consumers do not need to 'download an app.' Nor do you need to develop one. That's great! They simply go to a website via mobile in your location or where they interact with a product. That URL they visit can allow them to scan a product to deliver unique content and promotions.  All customized and personalized as much as you would like. 

Likely relevance for Friendly's:  The sky's the limit, but here are some thoughts...

  • Attach a digital object or message to a product driving grocery purchase to retail location or vice versa 
  • Makes your physical product ( ice cream ) into a virtual object with existing barcodes 
  • Geo-social profiling : Ability to customize key offers to menus ( as object ) and shape them based on customer data and social profile from phone or past interaction 
  • Capture permission based customer data in new ways to directly impact localized marketing , radio , etc. 
  • Provides ability to integrate loyalty and rewards direct into product purchase 
  • Tap into existing user application base. Know that they play Candy Crush. If they do something 5 times while dining with you or purchasing something, you can provide them integrated reward with a game/ app they already use. 
  • It's fast, efficient and a great way to test new ways of providing smart promotions and loyalty offerings 

Case study :   Diageo Integration 

  • Diageo transforms their physical products into a way for sons to communicate with Dad's on father's day in a unique and personalized way. 


Our first dance :

Where Sunday Dinner fits for Friendly's

To begin, we'd like to throw our hat in the ring for Friendly's digital / mobile / content / social media work. It's a core competency of many of our teams and gives us to platform to show our creative ingenuity.  

We understand there are several deliverables streams pending. Our typical first approach is to work on one initiative with a brand, create a case study for the process and be agile enough to adjust for optimal ways of designing a partnership.  We believe the best starting point lies within the digital elements of your brand and marketing efforts. 

Speaking of digital, we believe that such work should not only engage Friendly's customers, but also help power your business.  Everything is in real time these days. Your customers post photos while sitting at a restaurant booth and tweet about customer service the minute they feel dissatisfied.

From how you listen to what customers say about Friendly's and your ability to respond to their needs in real time, to using the digital channel as a source of incremental revenues, the ability to respond to customers needs to purchase, communicate and learn in real-time is a game-changer. 

Trends & Technology to keep an eye on

Below are several digital trends and technologies we've been watching and that we believe you should be considering either now or in future.  If you've been involved or already developed a POV on any of these, we're keen to speak further about how these will impact your business:

  • Mobile payments - Apple Pay, Square, Google Wallet...
  • In-app ordering - Chipotle, Outback, Starbucks...
  • Couponing apps - Target Cartwheel...
  • Location-based marketing/geo-conquesting - Outback 
  • Reward and Loyalty integration to Product - evrything , Coca-Cola, Kraft 
  • Social Listening & Real time reaction  - Virgin America  

But I thought there would be food...

It’s more than just our name, Dinner is integral to the way we work. 

A Dinner (not always on a Sunday, as it turns out!) is an inspiring evening that brings together the most relevant client partners with proposed creative talent, to meet and discuss ideas over a fun meal and creative evening. We often hold dinners in our space in Brooklyn against a spectacular view of Manhattan, but have hosted around the country. 

Although Dinners are casual and designed to foster conversation and relationships, we set the Dinner objectives and discussion topics in advance to ensure the evening is highly relevant to the brand and project. 

It's our favorite part of our engagement and in today's hurried and transactional world, it's what we believe is the right way to kick off a relationship. 

As you identify partners across the different streams of deliverables, it will be important for all teams to begin with a universal understanding of the new brand platform underpinning the work being developed.  This will not only ensure a broad consistency and esprit de corps across the teams, but will also make your job somewhat easier, by creating a more collaborative environment from the start.  

As such, we propose kicking off the respective efforts via one of our custom Dinners. It's the best way to get to know your team, some of our teams, our way of working and as Randy said, have a first date. 

These events are invaluable in aligning large teams around a common goal, generating excitement among those involved and inspiring creative excellence.   

Thank you.

We have wonderful childhood memories discovering Reese's Pieces at the bottom of our Cone Head sundaes.  It brings a smile to our faces.

We would be honored to engage with Friendly's iconic brand -  bringing our energy and creative thinking to your teams as you continue to make memories for generations to come.