More than just our name

...our Dinners are integral to the way we work.  A Dinner is an inspiring evening that brings together client partners with creative talent and other agile minds, over a freshly prepared meal against a spectacular view of Manhattan (and occasionally Park City or Palm Springs).

Dinners are casual and designed to foster conversation and relationships; however, we set objectives and discussion topics in advance to ensure the evening is highly relevant to the brand, and to establish context for the subsequent workshop discussion.  

Aside from being a part of active briefing or a workshop, we frequently host Dinners around particular subjects or content areas (e.g. virtual reality), and include brands and others with a need or interest in the topic.  

Come to Dinner.


Some of our favorite past dinners

Influencer Workshop Dinner - July 2016

An intimate gathering of brand leaders along side Part+Sum sharing perspective on the influencer landscape and positive ways to incorporate them meaningfully into strategy.  This interactive dinner included the following topics: 

          - Who are all the players we need to know about? 
          - What could the role of influencers be for your brand?
          - How can you discover, evaluate and select influencers?
          - What are the watch outs for influencer payments & contracts?
          - Who is really this well and what you can take away?

Superhero Storytelling Dinner - May 2016

This dinner brought learnings from our friend  Heather Tilert, ex-Nickelodeon development executive,to talk to create teams about how to develop rich characters for TV-show ideas. Also, the most important part, the right way to pitch - it's often not what you may think!  

Diageo / Brooklyn Loft - August 2015

Samsung Innovation Dinner / Brooklyn Loft - December 2015


Microsoft Dinner / Brooklyn Loft - September  

New York City -- February 2014

Sundance / Park City -- January 2014