Building modern creative strategies 

Sunday Dinner is a creative brand consultant that supports marketers who want to redesign the way they support their modern marketing needs. We help our clients break down silos to work more effectively with all resources - internal & external. 

We know that brands want to utilize creative partners in new ways to solve complex challenges. But often struggle with the common questions such as: what do we really need them to do? How? Who do we tap? When is the right time? 

Sunday Dinner is designed to solve these needs, by supporting brands in orchestrating a new way to better ideas.

Our secret sauce: Collaboration Projects that put the think tank process to work

We believe there is a new way to tackle brand challenges.  It begins with diverse niche players coming together in pursuit of great ideas.  

Sunday Dinner runs collaboration projects that help to crack an upstream business challenge in a new way. We play the role of orchestrator, driving strategy and curation of talent to tap for expertise during a project. We do this in long term engagements pulling people in along the way, or in focused workshops that assemble bright minds to work fast and thin slice through solutions in a creative format. 

The teams we bring into the mix are best-in-class agencies and individuals who have demonstrated creative success and maturity within the industry. Rockstars only. 


Our partners

Our client relationships are long-term, working to get to know their business to connect dots for optimization across all touch points of creative marketing. 

We are designed for brands that are taking more control of their marketing and are exploring radically different approaches both internally and externally to support modern marketing needs.   

We're proud to have continued relationships with our friends at Diageo, Target, Equinox, Microsoft, Mondelez, MassMutual, Kate Spade, Samsung & Nickelodeon. 



Shesays: How agencies can react to what brands are looking for in 2017  

Lindsey Slaby, Founder, Sunday Dinner, discusses how the next $50 Billion will come from new kinds of thinking disrupting legacy agency models, at the 2016 Annual Leadership Meeting in Palm Desert, CA.